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Note Taking for Nursing School

One of the funny things about me, for sure, is my inability to decide how I want to take notes. Throughout nursing school, I must have changed my methods a gazillion times! I realized that typing my notes on the computer did not help me retain information as well, and it meant I had to do more reviewing in the textbook and outside sources. When I would handwrite notes, including powerpoint slides, it was too much work and I found myself getting a little anxious when I would miss something. I preferred printing out powerpoints ahead of time, and writing directly on the powerpoint slides. 

I am such a geek for formatting. If I don’t have enough space for notes, it bothers me! I found that I write a lot of notes, and it helps me retain information. I usually like to make my notes colorful, highlighted, and they usually have doodles all over them!

One day, I was studying for an exam and I was creating my flashcards. Then I thought: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I can do my flashcards during class?.”  Then… suddenly I had the awesome idea to print my powerpoint slides on flashcards! It was easy. 


Open up your powerpoint lectures notes in powerpoint (They must be in .ppt or .pptx format!)

Delete the slides that you do not want to print ( i.e. pictures slides, or slides you will not study)

Change the template of all the slides to a generic black and white template, with no extra borders to waste your ink.

Load your choice of index/flashcards into your printer.

Within print settings you will change the paper size to match your flashcard size. If it is not exact, going a little smaller is okay. 

Also change the printer to a more economic friendly setting. For example, I put mine on grayscale and change the quality of printing so that I don’t waste as much ink (Cuz lord knows we have notes forever in nursing school!)

Hit that print button & you have yourself the most awesome notes and flashcards in the world!

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